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At Diginotice, we come together to reduce current complexities involved in various stages of property dealing by making it more transparent for the community. At times same land or properties are sold to multiple people. There are also cases of illegal possessions of properties. The owners and agents are at times unaware of such proceedings. Paper notice is primary step for any property. Through Diginotice, we intend to make people aware of these legal notices. Such check from the first step of dealings will help eliminate future nuisance. We at Diginotice work towards digitalization of these proceedings. We are committed towards providing better digital services in future for increasing transparency in property dealings.


We have you covered everywhere.Get daily paper notice updates by just tapping on your smart phones. It gives you all the details of the land/property.You don’t have to go through the entire notice. Important details are sorted out for you.


What if you have misplaced your paper notice? Diginotice will help your search. Just fill up details of your notice and we provide you the same. Databases include notices from 01/01/2016. since 01/01/16 onwards. You would just need to fill up the details of your notice and you would be able to find the same.

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