Green Panda

Green Panda's appliances come with unbelievably low capital and operational costs.

The appliances not just work towards eco-friendliness; they even work in an eco-friendly manner! That means that the machinery us is devoid of any pollution causing mechanics. immediate degradation of waste, hence no problem of rodents and pests.

Natural process of decomposition enhanced with/by aeration and agitation.

Aerobic microorganisms carry out the degradation process, which means that no methane gas is created!

As methane gas is a major contributor to greenhouse effects, this i big step towards global warming prevention.

The compost quality is of the kind your plants will love!

Green Panda makes you a better, more aware citizen of the society. Pat your back!


*Sharp durable precision blades with high cutting performance
*Hopper and plunger for fast feeding
*Easily movable
*Easy for maintenance
*Cutting capacity 30mm
*1HP single phase motor
*2800rpm cutting speed
*75-100 Kg/hr capacity
*Also available in 2HP, 3HP


*Small space required,suitable for residential complexes
*Quick composting in 1 day
*Requires just one hour of manpower per day continuous monitoring is not required
*Compost can be used for growing plants and other applications
*Timer controlled rotation
*Zero noise disturbance
*1 Year manufacturer warranty and 1 Year free servicing


*1-5 kg/day capacity drum compost
*Low cost and requires small space
*Easily portable
*Easy for maintenance
*Available in MS or Plastic
*LLDPE material with UV resistance coat


*Small space required, suitable for residential complexes
*Auto waste feeding mechanism
*2-3 units of electric consumption for 100kg/day waste
*Assured decomposition of waste with no foul odour
*8-10 days wring period
*Requires just one hour of man power per day, continuous monitoring is not required
*Good C-N ratio. Compost can be used for growing plants and other applications
*1 Year manufacturer warranty and 1 Year free servicing
*LLDPE material with UV resistance and insulation from inside

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