Our Vision is to develop world-class sports infrastructures to provide the best sporting facilities to sports enthusiasts irrespective of their age and gender.

To promote young and emerging talents to realize their potential. To reach out to cities where there is a scarcity of good infrastructure and talent exposure.


  • It is located centrally in Govind Nagar Best quality of taurus, engineered in Europe
  • Turf is infilled with large quantities of silica sand and rubber granules to protect the players from jerk effect so that the players don't develop joint and any other pains
  • The lights provided in turf are top quality and placed in such a way that the entire playing surface is sufficiently lit at night without any hindrance to players, which takes the playing experience to the next level.
  • It is designed to ensure Cricket can be played 9 vs 9 and football can be played 6 vs 6.
  • We are not only limited to cricket and football but also have conducted open air yoga and Zumba sessions which is one of our unique activities.
  • We have given special attention to ladies participation in Sports and had tournaments for them.


  • We have been unanimously voted the best turf in Nashik Within a span of 15 months we have had averagely 500 hours of booking per month,the highest in Nashik.
  • We have conducted the most number of tournaments ever conducted on any turf in Nashik.
  • The best being an IPL style league "Nashik Box Cricket Premier League" Spanning 8 days and being covered across all media fonts.
  • We have just concluded a State level Mini Football Tournament affiliated to the Minifootball Association of India.
  • The only turf in nashik who conducted all ladies tournament
  • Hosted 2 state level football tournaments.


  • India has the highest youth population in the world, but very few of them have reached the pinnacle in any sporting activities.
  • The basic reason for this being a lack of quality infrastructure and training to give them proper exposure.
  • With India developing leaps and bounds, there is a scarcity of playing grounds and also more and more children and youngsters are developing interest in digital forms of games.
  • So to encourage people to take up sports and also due to shortage of proper infrastructure, the future is turfs and we expect turfs to reach out to the developed as well as developing cities in India.
  • Within a span of 5 years, we have a vision to develop the turf model in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities and an economical model for Tier 3 cities
  • With the demands of turfs increasing each and every year this is an attractive opportunity to potential investors and franchisees.

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